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Karan Singh Grover pens a note expressing his feelings over becoming a parent: what I was afraid of happened

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have been setting couple goals every day since 2016. The duo tied the knot after dating for over a year in the most dreamy and cosy wedding. Now, after six blissful years of marriage, the couple is gearing up to become parents to their first child. Bipasha announced the news a few days ago with a beautiful maternity shoot and wrote, “A creation manifested by our love, our baby will join us soon and add to our glee😄❤️”.

Now, days after the announcement, Dad-to-be Karan Singh Grover has dedicated a post to this new phase of his life. Calling it a combination of numerous feelings, he wrote, “All new but somehow familiar…not familiar like I’ve done this before but more like I’ve felt this in my most precious, most beautiful dream, like almost embedded into my DNA. A feeling so intense that I haven’t brought to the external surface of my being because I was afraid that I would explode into fireworks made of joy.”



The duo could be seen donning all black as Bipasha rested her back on her husband’s chest. He further added, “When we got to know that we were pregnant and were going to be blessed with a little one..a tiny little version of us a small little monkey baby, what I was afraid of happened. Every cell of my being exploded with love and joy. I hadn’t really ever imagined that the feeling would be so intense, I couldn’t fully understand it and definitely wasn’t something I could control. It’s been the exact same feeling every minute of everyday since then. Every step of the way witnessing what a lady goes through during this time, just witnessing the infinite , unspoken, unexpressed and sometimes unnoticed hardships that she goes through for this unfathomable miracle to happen inside of her…it’s just for me the truest explanation of what unconditional love is, what god is, what a creator is. I just catch myself wondering through the chaos of these months, that how come we all just don’t talk about this all the time?”

Ending his extensive note, the actor signed off, “I feel myself constantly changing,constantly trying to understand how to make things better and make myself better. I’m constantly in a state of gratitude just to be a witness to this miracle of a woman, creating a life within her and making it look like it’s all just a part of her day.
I think I was just waiting to express what I felt in words.”

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