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Kangana Ranaut takes to her Instagram stories to criticise woke work culture

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Actor and director, Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram and shared her thoughts on work ethics. Kangana wrote in the first part of her note, "I see lots of outrage regarding Elon's work methods. Successful people tend to be very hard/harsh on themselves people who work with or for them naturally become an extension of them because they share common goal and they tend to push them to their limits as well, in these woke times hating your job is cool and working hard /sincere is not the quickest route to success... Monday's are for waiting for weekends and weekends are about feeling depressed because Monday is just round the corner..ha ha all I can say is that this generation will never know why five percent of the world's population owns 95 percent of its wealth”.

She further mentioned the 6 traits in the following stories:

 1) when you like the

salary but not the job.

2) when you want

success but not


3) when you want your

life to change but you

don't want to change


4) you always want to

do less and get more.

5) when you think your

superior is an idiot but

you rather be him or


6) when you only hate

and envy those who

have managed to do

better than you, you

never look up to,

analyse or adapt what

exactly worked in their

favour because you

are too full of


Kangana is presently busy working on her next directorial Emergency and has resumed the shoot for the same starting Saturday. The actress-turned-filmmaker is also leading the political drama playing former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The movie takes a closer look at the state of emergency declared by the Prime Minister in India between 1975 and 1977.

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