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Kajol reveals playing a psychopath in Gupt was a “gutsy’ decision

Mumbai(Maharashtra): Kajol is one of the most versatile artists in the Indian film industry and has given some commendable performances throughout her career. One such role is Isha from the 1992 thriller ‘Gupt’. The film that also starred Bobby Deol and Manisha Koirala was Kajol’s first-ever negative role as an obsessive lover turned psychopathic serial killer, breaking her stereotypical image of a girl-next-door. The film gained her immense accolade and became one of the first films that gained more recognition for the villain than the main lead. As the superhit film completed 25 years after its release, Radio Nasha organized a special screening at INOX Cinemas attended by Kajol, Deol and film director Rajiv Rai.



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Talking to PTI, Kajol opened up about her role as a negative character. “It was the shock value of the film, the character and the fact that nobody expected it to come. It was gutsy at that time to do it. It's the story and role that's what really got me to do it,” she said.

She shared that as Rai’s father Gulshan Rai was friends with Shomu Mukherjee, Kajol’s father, the actress was excited to hear the narration. “I think he was a little nervous because he was not sure whether I would do the film. He sat for a two-hour narration and was sweating profusely. But by the end of it, both Tanisha (her sister) and I were like 'I have to do this film'. There was no question about it, it was perfect for me.”

The film marked the first-ever nomination for Best Actress in a negative role and Kajol even went on to bag the award becoming the first actress to do so. But it was her mother, veteran actress Tanuja’s praise for the film that was the most special for her.

“I remember my mother telling me, 'Oh my God, what a film!'. And that's the highest accolade that I can get because my mother rarely likes my films, she would like my performances but not films,” the 47-year-old revealed.

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