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"Just wait and see the outcome of the discussion in Parliament": Former PM HD Deve Gowda teases special session, keeps expectations high

New Delhi: In a much-anticipated appearance at the special session of Parliament, former Prime Minister and Janata Dal (Secular) chief HD Deve Gowda left everyone intrigued as he kept his cards close to his chest.

Addressing the media before the parliamentary session, Gowda hinted at the significant matters he intends to raise during the discussions but opted to keep the details under wraps until he addresses the Parliament.

"I have come to attend the Parliament," stated HD Deve Gowda. Gawda added, "Just wait and see the outcome of the discussion in Parliament. Why should I reveal now what I would like to say in the Parliament?"

This enigmatic statement by the veteran leader has generated widespread curiosity and anticipation among political circles and the general public. Gowda's decision to withhold the specifics of his discourse until his parliamentary address has set the stage for an intriguing and potentially impactful session.
HD Deve Gowda, has a reputation for advocating for various pressing issues, and his presence at this special parliamentary session suggests that he intends to contribute significantly to the discussions.

The session itself has garnered attention due to the array of critical topics on the agenda, including economic reforms, national security, and other matters of national importance.
Gowda's reluctance to disclose his stance and arguments before entering the Parliament adds an element of suspense to an already pivotal gathering.
As the parliamentary session unfolds, all eyes will be on HD Deve Gowda as he takes the floor and delivers his much-anticipated address. 

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