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JPC probe into Adani issue will bring off BJP's mask: Congress' Pramod Tiwari

New Delhi: Amid the repeated disruptions in Parliament, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pramod Tiwari on Tuesday attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party-led centre for "not letting" the Parliament function.
Talking to the media, the Rajya Sabha MP said, "The drama that has been going on since March 13, can't be happening without a signal from the Prime Minister". "Today, once again Parliament wasn't allowed to function. What are we demanding? Just a JPC investigation into the biggest scam after Independence," Tiwari further said.
He alleged that if JPC takes place, the "mask of BJP" would fall off.
"Why is BJP scared of JPC? If JPC is taken up, BJP's mask would fall off and all those - from top to bottom - who filled the coffers of Adani by snatching away the rights of the middle class and the poor will be exposed," he said.
Earlier in the day, Pramod Tiwari gave a suspension of business notice under rule 267 to discuss the need to constitute a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into the Adani issue.
The Congress leader said in a statement that he had moved the motion to discuss the need to constitute a JPC to investigate the "government's role in promoting the business interests of Adani Group".
"That this House do suspend Zero Hour and relevant rules relating to Question Hour and other businesses of the day to discuss the need to constitute a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate the Government's role in promoting business interests of the Adani Group, including through inaction on serious charges of corporate fraud, political corruption, stock-market manipulation and financial mismanagement, illegal coal mine allocations, negotiations with foreign countries for big-ticket projects, etc," the Rajya Sabha MP said in his statement.
Meanwhile, on Monday, both houses of the Parliament were adjourned till 2 pm after Opposition MPs raised slogans demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) inquiry into the Adani stocks issue.
After the Lok Sabha met on the sixth day of the second leg of the budget session, opposition members came near the Speaker's podium over their demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the Hindenburg-Adani row. The BJP members also raised the demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi over his remarks in the United Kingdom.
Congress alleged that the audio was muted after they raised slogans that Rahul Gandhi should be allowed to respond to allegations of BJP leaders against him.
They claimed that there was no audio for about 20 minutes of the House proceedings.
However, government sources said the audio was muted due to a "technical fault".
The Rajya Sabha also witnessed disruptions and was adjourned for the day. The house earlier took up some of the listed business.
The acrimony also continued to play out outside the Parliament with leaders from the BJP and Congress targeting each other over Rahul Gandhi's remarks and the Adani issue.
The second part of the Budget session began on March 13 and will continue till April 6. (ANI)

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