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Jharkhand legislative assembly unveils Rs 4,981 crore supplementary budget on opening day of session

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Legislative Assembly commenced its Budget Session on Friday, with Finance Minister Rameshwar Uranv presenting the supplementary budget for the third time in a session marked by discussions on key allocations and priorities for the state's development.
In a significant move aimed at addressing pressing needs and bolstering crucial sectors, a supplementary budget of Rs 4,981 crores was tabled in the assembly, reflecting the government's commitment to addressing various challenges and enhancing the state's infrastructure and services.
Among the major allocations outlined in the supplementary budget, the Home, Police, and Disaster Management Department received a significant share, with an allocation of Rs 1,112 crores earmarked to strengthen security measures and disaster response capabilities across the state.
The Panchayati Raj Department, vital for grassroots governance and rural development initiatives, received a substantial allocation of Rs 651 crores, signaling the government's focus on empowering local bodies and driving inclusive growth in rural areas.
Recognizing the importance of social welfare and inclusive development, the ST/SC/OBC/Minority Welfare Department was allocated Rs 547 crores, aimed at advancing the welfare and empowerment of marginalized communities and ensuring equitable access to opportunities.
Infrastructure development emerged as a key priority, with the Road Construction Department allocated Rs 389 crores to accelerate the pace of road construction projects and enhance connectivity in both urban and rural regions.
Addressing the energy needs of the state, the Energy Department received an allocation of Rs 358 crores, aimed at strengthening the power infrastructure and ensuring reliable and affordable electricity supply to all sectors of society.
The Law Department, entrusted with upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all citizens, received an allocation of Rs 241 crores, emphasizing the government's commitment to strengthening the legal framework and enhancing access to justice for the people of Jharkhand.
The presentation of the supplementary budget sets the stage for deliberations and discussions among lawmakers, stakeholders, and civil society representatives, as they analyze the proposed allocations and provide valuable inputs to shape the state's developmental agenda.
As the budget session progresses, all eyes will be on the legislative assembly to witness robust debates, constructive dialogues, and collaborative efforts aimed at charting a course for inclusive and sustainable growth in Jharkhand, reflecting the aspirations and needs of its diverse population.

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