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Jharkhand Govt orders removal of Urdu words from names of non-Urdu schools

Ranchi: Primary Education Department of Jharkhand ordered to remove Urdu words from such schools which are not notified as Urdu schools.
The education body of the state further ordered the schools that the weekly offs for non-Urdu schools will be on Sunday while the Urdu-notified ones will have their per week off on Friday. The letter issued by education secretary Rajesh Kumar Sharma clearly says under such circumstances, no academic or teaching activity should take place on Sunday in non-Urdu schools of the state and mid-day meals will not be provided on Sunday.
"If any person or school management causes problems in implementing the new order, it will be considered as creating disharmony and obstructing government work. Hence, action to be taken against them in accordance with the law," the letter further said. The department also orders that morning prayer in non-Urdu schools will remain as in past.
It was reported that after adding just Urdu word in their name, many non-Urdu schools were taking weekly offs on Friday and were providing mid-day meals on Sunday.
Earlier in July, it was reported that as many as 33 government schools in Jharkhand's Dumka district have Friday as their weekly off instead of Sunday, apparently without any permission from authorities.
District Education authorities had ordered to submit a report regarding the matter.
Ten government schools of Dumka's Shikaripara Block, eight of Ranishwar Block, seven of Saraiyahat Block, two of Jama Block and Jarmundi Block, Kathikund Block and Dumka Block were reported to have holidays on Fridays. Most of these institutions sport name boards suffixing "Urdu school" along with the names of the schools.
After the matter came to light, state Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto called for a meeting in July with DEOs (District Education Officers) and DSEs (District Teacher Superintendents) of the Jamtara district. The Minister had sought a report on this matter. (ANI)

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