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Jayakumari, famous 60s-70s South star asks for financial help due to dire medical condition

Mumbai (Maharashtra): There are times when huge stars from the 70s and 60s are nowhere to be seen today and hearing about their financial aids during the old age, break our hearts. A similar incident happened recently where famous South actor, Jayakumari who extensively worked in the Tamil and Malayalam cinema in the 60s and 70s has asked for financial aid for her kidney operation.

The actor has been suffering from kidney failure but does not have enough money for her treatment. As a result, she asked for financial aid in the hopes of getting help from her peers. Jayakumari was living with her son, Roshan. While the actor was married to Nagapattinam Abdullah, her husband passed away several years ago. They had three children together- a son and two daughters. Presently, the actor is in dire need of money as the kidney operation will require lakhs of rupees and she is not stable enough to pay the fees.

However, Tamil Nadu’s Health Minister, M Subramanian has come forward to help Jayakumari financially. Subramanian further assured that all her medical expenses will be paid and she will also be provided with a house to live in. It has been reported that none of her children came forward to the hospital to help her.

Jayakumari made her acting debut at the age of 16 in the year 1966. The actor has starred in more than 300 films in the span of her career and has worked with some of the top actors of her time. Her most memorable work includes Engirindo Vandal, Harmana, Nutrukku Nuru, Anathai Anandan and several others.

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