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Jaishankar draws cricket analogy to explain cabinet work, says Captain Modi expects you to take wickets when given chance

New Delhi: Drawing an analogy from cricket to explain how the cabinet works, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Friday that under Captain Prime Minister Narendra Modi, net practice starts at 6 am which goes on till late and he expects wickets when a chance is given.
"With Captain (PM) Modi, the net practice starts at 6 in the morning and goes on till fairly late...He expects you to take that wicket if he gives you the chance to do it," Jaishankar said while explaining cabinet work. EAM was speaking at the Raisina Dialogue at the Panel Discussion Of Turbulence, Temperament, And Temerity: Leadership In The Age Of Uncertainty along with Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Former Captain Men's Cricket Team, England, Kevin Pietersen.
Adding further to his cricket analogy on Captain Modi, EAM Jaishankar said," I think in that sense, Captain Modi does give his bowlers a certain amount of freedom. He expects you to take that wicket if he gives you the chance to do it. But I would also say some of it watching the difficult decisions being taken. The decision to lockdown was a very tough decision, it has to be taken."
Talking about the rising interest in foreign policy among people, Jaishankar explained," It's because the world is in a difficult place, more people are getting interested in the world. The second reason is the globalisation of India. Like a cricket team, we don't want to win matches only at home but abroad as well."
When asked about India being a bigger economy than the UK, EAM also referred to the popular movie RRR and said," The most popular film in India last year was 'RRR', it has to do with the British era... The fact is when you have a such complex history, there would a be downside of it, there would be suspicions, unresolved problems." (ANI)

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