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"Jab Bhagwan ne mujhe manufacture kiya...": PM Modi on why he can't think 'small'

Latur (Maharashtra): Elaborating on his 'ambitious' vision for the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that he can never think small.

"Modi can never think small, Jab Bhagwan ne mujhe manufacture kiya (when God manufactured me), he didn't put the 'small' chip, but only the big one," he said at a public meeting in Maharashtra's Latur.

"In Olympics, Paralympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and University Games, Indian players are breaking decades-old records.

This confidence among Indian citizens will take us towards a developed India. It is my dream to host the 2029 Youth Olympics in India. it is my dream that the 2036 Olympics be held in India," he added.

Speaking on the security situation in the country, PM Modi said that earlier regular announcements were made warning of unattended objects, while today India is able to safeguard its border strongly.

He took a jibe at the Congress party referring to the 26/11 terror attacks and said earlier the government was only able to send the dossier to Pakistan, while today it can kill its enemies inside their own country.

"Before 2014, there would be announcements at railways stations, fares and crowded places warning of unattended objects...In the whole country, 24 hours a day, such warnings were issued in important places...Where did these unattended objects disappear after Modi became Prime Minister? At that time, newspapers had headlines informing about bomb blasts every other day and police were not equipped to counter advanced threats. Today, India is known for giving a strong reply to those looking at our borders with ill intentions," the Prime Minister said.

"Earlier, there were headlines that India sent a new dossier (documents) to Pakistan in connection with the 26/11 attacks. Today, India no longer sends dossier, ghar mein ghus kar maarta hai (kills enemies inside their houses)," he added.

He further attacked the INDIA bloc alleging that the alliance is planning to have one Prime Minister for each year, adding that the country can't be thrown into such 'uncertainty'.

"When I talk about 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat', the 'shehzada' of Congress catches fever. They ask why I talk about one India. Those who view India in divisions, also want to divide the Prime Ministerial post. Their plan of have five PMs in five years, which means looting the country in turns. I want to ask, should such people be given even the slightest of chance? Can we throw our country into uncertainty in the current period of global turbulence?" PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister attacked the Congress party over its manifesto and asked people if they would allow the party to "loot" their hard-earned wealth.

"Congress has made a dangerous plan, they will carry an x-ray of your properties, then seize it and distribute it among their vote bank. Will you allow Congress to loot your property? Congress has set its eagle eyes on your wealth, will you allow the 'panja' (veiled attack at Congress' hand symbol) to loot your properties?" he further stated.

Maharashtra sends 48 MPs to the Lok Sabha. The polling in the state is being held across five phases. Voting in 13 seats has already concluded in 13 out of the 48 seats. The counting of votes is scheduled for June 4.

In 2019, BJP won 23 out of 48 seats, while its NDA ally undivided Shiv Sena won 18 seats. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress could only win four and one seat respectively. 

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