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J-K Students Association thanks Govt for safe evacuation of students from violence-hit Manipur

Jammu and Kashmir: The J-K Students Association here today thanked the Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha-led government for safely evacuating the students who were stranded in violence-hit Manipur.
In a statement, the association's national convenor, Nasir Kahuihami, thanked the Jammu and Kashmir administrations for facilitating the evacuation of Kashmiri students from Manipur, which is grappling with violence and unrest. Kahuihami acknowledged that all the students from the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir who were studying in Manipur and were stranded due to the escalating violence have safely returned to their home country J-KUT via flights.
He praised both the J-K and Manipur authorities for their prompt efforts in ensuring the safe return of these students from violence-hit Manipur.
Kahwahami said, "The students were stuck in Manipur due to the ongoing violence, which made it difficult for them to return home. However, the J-K Students' Association approached the J-K LG administration and the Manipur administration, seeking their help in evacuating the students."
In response, the J-K LG administration and the Manipur administration immediately swung into action, coordinating with various agencies to ensure the safe and timely evacuation of the Kashmiri students.
J-K Students Association National Secretary Dawood Ahmed also thanked them and said, "We are very grateful to the LG administration of Jammu and Kashmir and the Manipur administration for evacuating our Kashmiri students from Manipur. For their quick and efficient response."
Ahmed added that the students get free boarding, lodging and transportation to their homes through the J-K government.
The association appreciated the tireless efforts of all involved in this operation and hoped that such collaborative efforts between different regions and communities would continue in the future.
The District Magistrates of Baramulla and Jammu, respectively, paid valuable attention to the students of Jammu and Kashmir, integrating them and repatriating them. The gesture of solidarity and support shown by both the J&K and Manipur authorities will forever be etched in the minds of the students. (ANI)

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