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J-K: Srinagar embraces nightlife revival amidst peaceful transformation

Srinagar: With a renewed sense of peace settling over Jammu and Kashmir, the Srinagar city is witnessing the revival of its nightlife after a hiatus of more than three decades.

A semblance of normalcy has returned, as shops, restaurants, and various establishments remain open well into the evening. Even in once-volatile areas like the old city of Srinagar, bustling activities persist late into the night.
Amidst this transformation, local residents and business owners express their relief, gratitude, and optimism for the future.
Maqbool Bhat, a shopkeeper hailing from the old city, reflects on the dramatic shift in atmosphere.

"Not long ago, the fear and threat that used to prevail with the sunset have disappeared. Terrorists carrying guns and grenades and mobs carrying stones seem to be a thing of the past," he noted.
Bhat's sentiment resonates with many, as the return to normalcy has ushered in a sense of security and calm that has long been absent. The restoration of a peaceful environment has allowed businesses to flourish, with longer operating hours leading to increased sales and improved profit margins.

The transformation extends to the scenic Dal Lake, where illuminated shikaras (boats) now glide gracefully, resembling jewels in the dark. This development has translated to extended work hours for shikara owners like Mohammad Shaban.
"Kashmir has become a tourist destination rather than a place for killings, protests, and stone pelting. We work from morning till night, seven days a week and 365 days a year now," he said.

The newfound stability has enabled Shaban and his son to operate their shikara in two shifts, reaping the benefits of increased business and earnings.
As peace takes hold, even modes of entertainment like cinema halls are reclaiming their space in the valley.
In a significant milestone, the first multiplex in Kashmir, Inox, was inaugurated in Srinagar last year.

This marked the return of cinema halls to the city after they were forced to shut down in 1989 due to the outbreak of insurgency. Inox, formerly known as Broadway cinema, stands as a symbol of progress and renewal, with three movie theatres and a total seating capacity of 520 people.
Fiza Mir, a college student, expressed her excitement, saying, "It's incredible to see the city come alive at night. The streets are bustling, and there's a sense of unity and hope in the air that we've yearned for so long."

Renowned author and Kashmiri native, Arif Ahmed, reflected on the changing times, stating, "The resurgence of Srinagar's nightlife is a metaphorical inkling of a new chapter in the history of Kashmir. It's a testament to the resilience of its people and their determination to shape a peaceful future."
Muzaffar Malik, a taxi driver, chuckled and said, "I used to drive cautiously, fearing any untoward incidents after dark. Now, I ferry passengers around without that worry. It's like the darkness of uncertainty has lifted."
Priya Sharma, a solo traveller, expressed her delight, saying that the vibrant colours, aromatic spices, and friendly faces make it an unforgettable experience
"Exploring the Srinagar market after sunset feels like stepping into another world. The vibrant colours, aromatic spices, and friendly faces make it an unforgettable experience," she said.

Rajiv and Meena Kapoor, a couple on their honeymoon, stroll along the illuminated boulevard of Dal Lake, with Rajiv noting, "This serene night cruise has become the highlight of our trip. Srinagar's charm knows no bounds, day or night." 

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