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J-K Police flags off Bharat Darshan tour for students

Poonch: The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Thursday sent 60 students of the Union Territory as part of the Bharat Darshan Tour to Delhi and Hyderabad.
"The tour organized by J-K Police provides an opportunity for the students to learn about India's history and culture. It is an educational and cultural tour, where these students can take Poonch's culture in different parts of India and bring back other cultures here, while also helping in the personality development of the children," said Rohit Baskotra, Senior Superintendent of Police, Poonch. "Total of 60 students will go on this tour and try to meet Delhi and Hyderabad Police Commissioners. The majority of them are those underprivileged students, who have no means to travel. This will help in their career growth as well," he added.
One of the students going on the tour said, "From here we'll go to Jammu, then Delhi and further to Hyderabad by air, which will be a great experience for us and will motivate us to do well in life."
We'll also be visiting many different places on our way. We are very thankful to the police department," the student continued.
The students here are expecting a lot of experience and exposure by getting a chance to visit the metropolitan cities. (ANI)

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