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Is Bollywood finally kneeling to the ground as Aamir posts an apology video for his past behaviour?

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The Boycott Bollywood trend has gripped the Bollywood industry tightly, so much so, as movies are unable to take a breath of fresh air. There are only a few films that could be counted on the tip of your fingers and can be considered as successful this year. The most affected film out of all of them was Aamir Khan’s pet project, Laal Singh Chaddha which faced a massive setback due to the trend. It was a film that had a lot of hard work and aspiration behind it and yet fell prey to the hatred of the public.

It was Aamir’s 2015 statements about intolerance that had caused the backlash and along with it, writer Atul Kulkarni’s religious affiliations. This was a phenomenon that made Bollywood believe that it is not them that have the power, but the audience that can make or break them. Although the lesson was due a long time ago, it coming most harshly was a little too hard, even for Bollywood. Audiences made the statement that no matter how big the star is, it can never shine if not shed light upon by the fans.

This caused something that these stars would not have done otherwise, apologise. Aamir did not directly address the audience but rather posted an apology video through his production’s Twitter handle. However, the apology was met with severe backlash as not many found it sincere enough. Netizens believed that if Aamir had to apologise, he should have done so upfront and not by discreetly posting a vague video on the Twitter handle of his production house. As a result, the actor is facing even more hatred from the netizens.

This has put the future of Bollywood in jeopardy as now, not even apologies would be accepted for the irresponsible statements by the Hindi film industry. If there was a sincere effort made by Aamir, who was one of the most celebrated artists in India, then maybe the scenario would have been better. But now that is out of the picture, it seems that the future of Bollywood looks bleak.

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