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Inform masses about 3 new Criminal Laws: CS to officials

Jaipur: A meeting regarding the new criminal law was held in the State Secretariat on Monday under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant during which the new criminal laws were discussed.

CS Pant informed that 3 new laws - Indian Code of Justice 2023, Indian Evidence Act 2023 and Indian Civil Security Code 2023 will come into force from July 1, 2024. Pant informed that the three new laws will make the 150-year-old punishment-based justice system justice-based.

The new laws being brought in place of the old laws have been made on the basis of the three basic sentiments of our Constitution - freedom of the individual, human rights and the principle of equal treatment to all. He informed that in the new laws, priority has been given to matters like crimes against women and children, affecting the human body.

A good balance has been established between the rights of the police and the citizens in the new laws and many systems have been simplified with the use of IT. In the meeting, the Chief Secretary directed the concerned departments to make the general public aware about the three new laws, especially women and children. He stressed that everyone should be informed about the new law and information about crimes related to children and women should be given through schools and colleges.

Pant directed the Home Department to coordinate with the lawyers and make every Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Municipal Body, Municipality aware of the new laws. The Information and Public Relations Department was instructed to publicize the new laws through the media and put pop-ups on the department’s website. The School Education Department and Higher Education Department were instructed to make students and teachers aware of women and child crimes in colleges and schools. The Women Empowerment Department was instructed to make every Anganwadi worker and Saathin aware of the new laws so that the women coming there can know about their rights.

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