Wednesday, March, 29,2023

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Inflation has broken citizens’ back during Modi govt’s regime: Lamba

Jaipur: Congress leader Alka Lamba on Wednesday targeted the BJP-led government at the Centre over inflation and accused it of failing to provide enough employment opportunities to the country’s youth.

Inflation has broken citizens’ backs ever since the Modi-led government came to power, the AICC spokesperson said. “In 2014, the cost of a gas cylinder was Rs 410, which today is Rs 1,050. Petrol was Rs 70, which is (now) over Rs 100 per litre while the price of diesel, which was Rs 55, is now over Rs 90 per litre. The cost of edible oil and pulses have also risen drastically. “... even curd, paneer, lassi, flour, dry soybean, peas and puffed rice could not escape the barbaric attack of GST. 5% GST was imposed on them too,” Lamba told reporters at a press conference here.

“The backward, Dalit, tribal sections of society were not given enough opportunities for progress... to cover up all these failures, India was pushed into a quagmire of hatred, despair and negativity,” Lamba alleged.

The Congress will run ‘Hath Se Hath Jodo Abhiyan’ mass dialogue programme across the nation from today to give BJY drive a more comprehensive form, she said. On BBC documentary row, she said, “Why was the BBC documentary stopped? Since it was on the Gujarat riots, the Centre has banned it.”

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