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Indira Gandhi called Savarkar "remarkable son of India", says Yediyurappa as he launches Yatra named after RSS icon

Mysore: Just days after being inducted into the Bhartiya Janata Party's Parliamentary Board and Central Election Committee, Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday launched a Savarkar Rath yatra in Mysore.
He said it was an honour for him to kick start the yatra and said that he was saddened over the controversy over Savarkar in the southern state. "It's an honour to kick start this rath yatra. On one side India is on the path to become a Vishwa Guru on the other side we are facing issues. Some incidents cause bad name to the country. I'm saddened by the controversy over Savarkar in Karnataka who was called veer Savarkar by Indira Gandhi," said BS Yediyurappa.
BJP workers raised slogans as the Yatra named after the RSS icon was launched. Yeduyurappa said that when Savarkar passed away leaders from Congress as well as those from other political formations were at the ceremony.
"His words are still a guiding force for us. It's our duty to walk the path he has forged. He's one of the most prominent freedom fighters in our country. Indira Gandhi had called him the remarkable son and issued stamps in his memory," he added.
Calling it a duty to debunk the misconceptions around Savarkar, he stressed on the aim of the yatra and said," It's our duty to educate people about his struggles and achievements and debunk misconceptions. This Rath yatra is a message to desh drohis and it's about his honour. I urge everyone to make this a huge success."
The Savarkar rath yatra holds importance in the region in wake of clashes in Shivamogga after a group of Tipu Sultan followers allegedly attempted to remove a poster of RSS leader Veer Savarkar installed at Ameer Ahmed circle on the occasion of Independence Day.
Earlier on August 17, Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said that he aims to bring the BJP back to power in the state in the 2023 Assembly polls, a remark which came soon after he was inducted in the party's Parliamentary Board and Central Election Committee.
Yediyurappa expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP national president JP Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for giving him the opportunity to serve on BJP Parliamentary Board and Central Election Committee.
"I'll faithfully discharge responsibilities given to me by the party. My aim is to bring the party back to power again in Karnataka in 2023. I'll work for the party till my last breath," the former CM said. (ANI)

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