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Indian tennis players to compete in Haryana ITF Women's 15 K 2022 tournament

Gurugram (Haryana): Indian women tennis players are competing at the Haryana ITF Women's 15 K 2022 tournament where 74 players are participating, in which 68 of them are Indians.

This tournament is organized by former India Davis Cupper and India's current Billie Jean King Cup Team captain Vishal Uppal under the supervision of the All India Tennis Association here at the Tennis Project.

India's top-ranked tennis players are taking this tournament as a platform to get selected for the Indian team for Billie Jean King Cup in Antalya, Turkey.

"I am looking forward to competing and giving my 100 per cent this week too. I was runners up last week and I am looking forward to doing well in this tournament as well.

If I do well in this tournament as well as other tournaments in India I might be selected for the Billie Jean King Cup. It is a really good opportunity to represent my country and it is always an honour to wear an India T-shirt and have the India flag on the chest," said the top seed Zeel Desai to ANI.

"Like this week I will try my best. Last week I was runners up in doubles. I was a semifinalist in singles and after a long time, India is organizing this tournament. All are excited about this tournament.

Like this year I am trying for the Fed Cup. If I am selected for this cup then it will be my first Fed Cup. So, yes I will try my best for the Fed Cup." said fourth seed Vaidehi Chaudhari to ANI.

"It is a great opportunity for all of us. It is a great tournament that is being conducted in India. I think it is a great opportunity for me to compete because we get good opportunities.

Our game gets better as we keep playing. So, I am looking forward to playing in this tournament.

Yes, I am looking forward to performing in this tournament and looking forward to getting my ranking up and probably getting into the Billie Jean King Cup soon." said the 2020 National Tennis Champion Shrivalli Rashmikaa Bhamidipaty to ANI.

India's Billie Jean King Cup Team captain Vishal Uppal will also keep a close eye on these girls as he will be selecting them for the tournament which will be played in Turkey.

"This tournament is a big opportunity for all the Indian girls to perform and pick up all the valuable ranking points. The AITA the Haryana Tennis Association and all the tennis associations in India are doing their job.

Trying to do more and more events here. I was lucky enough to get the responsibility to host the tournament this week and gives me a good opportunity to see the upcoming talent for the Billie Jean King Cup selection and see how they are playing.

So, overall I think it is a fabulous opportunity for players to do well and pick up world ranking points to show to everyone what they are made of," said India's Billie Jean King Cup Team captain Vishal Uppal to ANI.

The Joint Secretary of AITA and the Secretary of Haryana Tennis Association Suman Kapur is also looking forward to this tournament and backing the Indian women players to perform well and earn their place.

"Thanks for measuring my excitement. This tournament is a unique opportunity. Hats off to all All India Tennis Association who have invested in such a small and young state as Haryana to pick tournaments in Tennis.

We just finished a tournament in Jhajjar in Haryana and now we start here in Gurgaon. It is a unique opportunity for Indians to gain more points for Indian girls.

After that travelling outside India gets much easier if they gain points here. If the top seed here Zeel Desai wins or reaches the final then she will win points then it will be good for her.

That's the whole purpose of the tournament. The future of Indian tennis looks great. I am thrilled," said AITA Joint Secretary Suman Kapur. (ANI)

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