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Indian society is "not ready" to accept same-sex marriage: Sushil Modi

New Delhi: Reiterating his stand on same-sex marriage, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Sushil Modi on Tuesday stated that the Indian society is "not ready" to accept same-sex marriage and it is inappropriate for India's culture and tradition.
"Same-sex marriage will not be appropriate for India's culture and tradition. But some leftist and liberal activists went to Supreme Court (SC) and asked to legalize same-sex marriage. It will not be appropriate if two judges sit in SC and make a decision about it," said Sushil Modi outside Parliament today. According to the BJP MP, Indian society is "not ready" to accept same-sex marriage and the matter should be discussed in Parliament among the members before reaching the Court.
"Society is not ready to accept it. It should be first discussed in Parliament and among the people. Another thing I said is that age of marriage for all girls should be the same irrespective of their religion," added Sushil Modi.
On Monday, during the ongoing Parliament Winter Session, Sushil Modi has spoken out against same-sex marriages in the highest legislative body of the country, urging the government to vehemently oppose any such move as it will, according to him, create havoc in the social fibre of the nation where marriage is still a sacred institution.
The MP from Bihar said that while same-sex relationships are acceptable, allowing marriages between same-sex couples will create problems in the delicate balance of society.
"In India, same-sex marriage is neither recognized nor accepted in any personal law like Muslim Personal Law or any codified statutory laws. Same-sex marriage would cause havoc with the delicate balance of personal laws in the country," Sushil Modi said in Rajya Sabha on Monday.
Modi objected to legalizing same-sex marriages in both social and cultural contexts and said although such relationships have been decriminalized in the country, but marriage still being a sacred institution, therefore same-sex couples living together is one thing, but giving them legal status is not recommended.
He also told the media that the government has opposed it in the Supreme Court in an affidavit. (ANI)

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