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Indian Navy holds operation in Arabian Sea, demonstrating Op readiness

New Delhi: The Western Seaboard witnessed eight submarines operating together in a recently concluded exercise in the Arabian Sea, demonstrating their high levels of operation readiness, officials said on Monday.
In a post on X, Western Naval Command said, Vice Admiral Sanjay J Singh embarked the units at sea and reviewed the conduct of the exercise. He complimented the pack for their professionalism and splendid conduct.

"As part of the demonstration, the Vice-Admiral also witnessed the bottoming of the submarine and tasted the sea water as per the submariners' tradition," the post added.
On Saturday, addressing media persons on the completion of a hundred days of naval operations against operations for anti-drone, anti-missile, and anti-piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, and Red Sea, Navy Chief, Admiral Hari Kumar said the Navy will continue taking affirmative action to prevent such incidents.
"Piracy has resurfaced as an industry to gain from the disorder in the region. We will take affirmative action to prevent that," the Navy chief said.
"Operation Sankalp has broken the myth of short and swift operations and stressed the need for sustained operations to ensure safety and stability in the oceans. The pace of operations is quite high and we have 11 submarines and 30 warships operating in different parts of the ocean to ensure coverage of all areas of interest," Kumar added.

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