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Indian Army Paramotor Expedition from Kibithu to Kutch culminates

New Delhi: An Indian Army Paramotor Expedition under NATEX K2K National Expedition from Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh) to Kutch (Gujarat) culminated on Tuesday. The expedition considered a first of its kind, commenced on November 29, 2023, from the easternmost town of India, Kibithu (Arunachal Pradesh) to Kutch in the west, to commemorate 25 years of Kargil War and Centenary Celebrations of the 'Bombay Sappers War Memorial'. During the expedition, the ardent team of officers and thirty soldiers traversed their paramotors over a cumulative distance of 10,683 kilometres, gracing 52 touch points along rugged mountains, picturesque valleys, fertile plains and the scenic Rann of Kutch, flying over nine states and a union territory. This route pays homage to citizens of the country from east to west who have answered the call to duty and laid down their lives willingly for our Tiringa through the sands of time.
It also showcases India's stunning beauty and geographical diversity, symbolising our nation's unity. This westward sojourn mirrored the unwavering commitment devotion of the Indian Army Soldier to honour the rich tapestry of our nation and spread the word about the amazing opportunities that India offers for aero adventure enthusiasts. It also helped in invigorating the youth to step forward and take up such adventurous sports as hobbies and choice of profession. With their elegant and versatile design, Paramotors offer an unparalleled sense of freedom and connection with the environment. Unlike conventional aircraft, these unusual crafts provide an immersive experience, allowing the users to intimately engage with the diverse landscapes that define the fabric of our Nation. The decision to embrace paramotors was a conscious effort to break away from convention, injecting a sense of daring and unconventional spirit into this mega endeavour. It is a symbolic gesture that resonates with the ethos of the Indian Army and underscores the importance of versatility in the face of adversity. 

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