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Indian Army, Air Force conduct joint drills Vayu Prahar along LAC in eastern command

New Delhi: Indian Army and the Air force jointly conducted a Multi Domain Air-Land Exercise Vayu Prahar along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern command, according to sources.
The exercise validated and refined procedures quintessential for synergized joint operations. Army Formations, Special Forces along with Indian Air Force participated in the 96-hour exercise in the Eastern Theatre.
In the second week of March 2023, the Indian Army and the Air force jointly conducted a Multi Domain Air-Land Exercise Vayu Prahar in the Eastern Theatre to validate joint plans to prosecute synergized multiple domain operations, according to the sources.
Multi-Domain operations aim to orchestrate military activities across all domains to deliver converging effects.

The scope of the joint exercise included rapid mobilization of an earmarked Rapid Reaction Force from the hinterland to undertake air-landed operations in a nominated Advance Landing Ground, according to the sources.
The air landed force further executes contingency tasks as per a realistic exercise scenario in challenging high-altitude terrain conditions.

The conduct of Exercise Vayu Prahar enabled coordination and rehearsal amongst various agencies for quick mobilization, transportation and deployment of forces within a theatre that can be executed across theatres.
Meanwhile, China has said that the border dispute with India is a bilateral issue and foreign interference will not help solve the problems, Chinese Charge d'Affaires Ma Jia said while speaking to reporters in New Delhi.
Speaking to reporters, Ma Jia said, "Border issue between India and China is a bilateral issue, both countries have the wisdom to resolve the issue, we can handle that, we don't invite any other, especially from other regions to interfere in this bilateral dispute, and whether foreign interference is helpful to resolve the issue, anytime you see there is interference in bilateral dispute, on the contrary, it will not help the two sides to solve the problems."
Expressing her views on reports of China building huge infrastructure along the border, the Chinese envoy said that as a government it is their responsibility to build infrastructure for civil and military purposes and countries must have mutual trust and there are channels to build this trust. He also said the Indian side is also building huge infrastructure in the past few years.
Chinese Charge Charge d'Affaires Ma Jia called mutual trust a "crucial thing". The envoy said, "Crucial thing is mutual trust, if we have diplomatic and military channels to keep the channels smooth and explain to each other about what is the intention of that would be helpful to increase the mutual trust between the two sides, especially between the two militaries." (ANI)

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