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India "worthy of great power": Lavrov lauds PM Modi for "balanced position" at G20

New Delhi: Describing India as a "highly responsible" and "worthy of a great power" on key matters of global agenda, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that PM presented a balanced and responsible position as the president of the G20.
"Today when addressing the Foreign Minister Meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a balanced and responsible position of the countries as the president of the G20," Lavrov said. Russia's relationship with India is described as a 'privileged strategic partnership'. This reflects the special character of the relationship. We appreciate the responsible stand India is taking on key global agendas," Lavrov added.
Mentioning the exponential rise in the deepening of relations between the two countries for over 7 decades, Russia's Foreign Minister said, "These are not just words, this is to describe the relations starting with India's independence up until today."
"We appreciate highly the responsible and worthy of great power stance that India is taking globally on all the key matters of the global agenda," he added referring to the diplomacy undertaken by India amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
"The West is trying to divide the geopolitical picture into individual episodes but India, addressed by PM Modi, gave the assessment of the situation across the globe in general terms and I completely share it," he added.
He said that Russia has tried to resolve the issues on many occasions, and Russia has publicly stated that it has never refused to listen to suggestions to find political resolutions.

On India's role in bringing peace amid the Ukraine crisis, he said, "As for resolving the crisis, on many occasions, we have publicly stated that we have never refused to listen to serious suggestions that are made out of a sincere willingness to find a political resolution one more time. I would like to remind you that when we are called to start negotiations I don't remember anyone from the western colleagues or from anyone else from any other countries talking to Ukraine to call upon them to start negotiations. There is a certain sad truth about this. It has encouraged Ukraine to continue the war," he said.
"If we see these countries (from the West) they were conquering land & exploiting the people. Unfortunately, the West did not drop its neocolonial habits... the West is still promoting their interstes without considering the interests of the global community," Lavrov added.(ANI)

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