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India must enhance strength by partnering with nations to counter volatile neighbours, says IAF chief VR Chaudhari

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on Thursday called on India to stitch a partnership with nations, sharing common beliefs, to counter the 'volatile and uncertain' neighbour countries.
"Our neighbour continues to remain volatile and uncertain. Amidst this volatility, we must enhance our collective strengths by partnering with nations which share common beliefs and values," Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said. While speaking at the 19th Subroto Mukherjee Seminar, organised by the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) on India's eminence in the emerging world order at Airforce Auditorium in Delhi, IAF chief said, "We must use our image as a stable country with considerable economic heft to forge mutually beneficial relationships and strategic partnerships. Essential that we retain our strategic autonomy and for that strategy of balancing as espoused by John Mearsheimer could be way forward," he said.
Taking the note of Indo-Pacific region, the IAF chief said, "When we look at Indo-Pacific Region, we see great power politics in play where an established superpower is increasingly being challenged by an established regional power with global ambitions. The outcome will have repercussions for all major players in the region."
In the existing world order where national interests and real politics dictate the actions of state players, there would always be an overlap between competition and cooperation. A healthy competition has the potential for meaningful cooperation, he added.
"We must develop our own strategy to survive and thrive amidst this competition without losing sight of our long-term objectives," he added.
He said that this has been on display through India's balanced position at the UN on the ongoing conflicts and its decision to act in the national interest regarding the import of oil at the best prices despite pressure from various quarters.
The concept of the seminar was that the world experienced transformational events in 2020 and 2021 which have not only affected the current world order but created a paradigm shift in the thought process of the leaders. The globalization era led us to believe that a superpower had to be an economic power, backed by advanced technology, purposeful diplomacy, and government. (ANI)

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