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India lifts ban on onion exports after robust production

New Delhi: India lifted the restrictions on onion exports from Friday. The decision comes on the heels of robust kharif crop production in 2024 and favourable monsoon forecasts, coupled with stable market conditions both at the mandi and retail levels.

"All restrictions on onion export have been removed with effect from today," said Nidhi Khare, Secretary, Dept. of Consumer Affairs at a press conference in Delhi

She said, "This is basically taking into account the Rabi 2024 production and approved Kharif prospect because of above normal monsoon."

She further added that "the current market situation which was stable both at Mandi and retail and also the international availability and prices situation."

According to the official estimate, the Rabi 2024 onion production is about 191 lakh tons, which is reasonably comfortable considering monthly domestic consumption of about 17 lakh tons.

The export of onion had been prohibited with effect from 8 December 2023 to increase domestic supply against an estimated 20 per cent decline in the Kharif and late Kharif production.

The restriction on export helped the government in maintaining stable prices till the arrival of Rabi 2024 crop.

The removal of export restrictions is expected to bolster India's onion trade and contribute to the country's overall economic stability. With favorable crop conditions and ample supply, the move is likely to benefit both domestic consumers and export markets, ensuring steady prices and ample availability of onions in the coming months.

Rabi onion harvested during April-June accounts for 65 per cent of India's onion production and meets the consumer's demand till the Kharif crop is harvested in October-November.

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