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"India is reforming, not out of compulsion, but out of conviction," PM Modi at UP Global Investors Summit

Lucknow: Highlighting the country's development strides and investment-friendly environment and pointing out that Uttar Pradesh is leading the growth of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that India is reforming not out of compulsion, but out of conviction.
If India is the bright spot in the world, then Uttar Pradesh is leading the growth of the country, PM Modi said after inaugurating the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit 2023 in Lucknow. Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister said, "Uttar Pradesh's growth has been noteworthy. People used to say that it was hard to develop UP and the law and order situation could not be improved. UP was known for scams and no one had any hopes for UP. But, within just five to six years, UP has established a new identity for itself. Today Uttar Pradesh is known for good governance, peace, law and order, and stability."
The PM said a big change is being witnessed in the thinking and aspirations of Indian society and youth today. The aspirations of the country are pushing the governments, and these aspirations are pushing the development work.
"Today every credible voice in the world believes that India's economy will continue to grow rapidly. The biggest reason behind this is the increasing self-confidence of Indians," he said.
Prime Minister said that UP has also reaped great benefits from the work that has been done on social, digital and infrastructure in India. He said the Centre has abolished dozens of archaic laws and today India is truly on the path of speed and scale.
"Today, India is reforming, not out of compulsion, but out of conviction. More than 40,000 compliances have been removed and many laws have been abolished," PM Modi said.
In this year's budget, PM said Rs 35,000 crore has been provisioned for the energy transition. He said it reflects India's commitment towards green energy. Mission Green Hydrogen gives strength to this very commitment, he said.
Prime Minister said more than 60 per cent of India's total mobile production is in UP. One of the country's two defence corridors is in UP. There are also endless possibilities here regarding fisheries, dairy and food processing.
In UP, PM said there are several new initiatives in dairy, fisheries, agriculture, food processing sectors and natural farming. Today, India is focused on crop diversification and reducing the input cost of farmers. Hence, the government is putting a lot of effort in promoting natural farming.
"We are making record expenditures on infrastructure, and we are increasing them every year. Therefore, you have new opportunities in the infrastructure sector. I especially invite you on the path of green growth on which India has embarked," PM Modi told the industrialists present at the occasion.
UP Global Investors Summit 2023 is the flagship investment summit of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The mega event is aimed to bring together policymakers, industry leaders, academia, think tanks and leaders from across the world to collectively explore business opportunities and forge partnerships.
Investor UP 2.0 is a comprehensive, investor-centric and service-oriented investment ecosystem in Uttar Pradesh that endeavors to deliver relevant, well-defined, standardized services to investors, said an official statement. (ANI)

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