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India has skill and talent, it's "privilege to use those resources": Rethmann CEO

New Delhi: Stating India has skill and talent and it's a "privilege to use those resources," Klemens Rethmann, CEO of the German-based Rethmann company said on Saturday that "India will become bigger in the production world."
Under the 'Make in India' initiative, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of German companies had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and discussed new opportunities for the German firms to expand education and business opportunities in India. "You've got the workforce here. So, Germany is lacking in the workforce. You've got such wealth and skilled work and so many intelligent young people who wanted to do something. This is a privilege to use those resources. And therefore, PM Modi asked us to produce in India but for us, it's not only because he asked us because this is where the resources are and we see our chances," Rethmann told ANI.
Talking about the manufacturing production in India, Rethmann said, "India will become bigger in the production world and India will grow. And we are proud to be here in the Indian market and have the possibility to grow with the market."
He also recalled the 2019 visit, when he came with former German Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel and said since then he witnessed remarkable development in India even during the Covid-19 period.
Rethmann further stated that PM Modi fulfilled all the promises that he made four years ago. "And for us, it's a privilege to be here and to serve the Indian economy and grow the possibilities in the market worldwide. And this is what we do. Being a logistics, service-oriented company, we provide services for everything that puts the business and investment," he said.
"India is another country, it's another culture and you have to adapt yourself to the culture because we can't come here and tell the beautiful and great Indian country that they should behave like we want them to behave... And together with our Indian partner, we are able to invest here in the market. We are able to make money in the market and we are able to grow here," the CEO of Rethmann added.
German companies' CEOs came along with Chancellor Olaf Scholz to India on Saturday.
Taking to Twitter earlier today. PM Modi said, "Chancellor @OlafScholz and I met top CEOs to discuss ways to strengthen economic relations between our nations. Sectors like digital transformation, FinTech, IT and Telecom featured prominently in the meeting." (ANI)

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