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In UP, everyone's security is ensured without discrimination: CM Yogi

Gorakhpur: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that the state is now entirely free of anarchy. Every person is guaranteed security without discrimination, and investors from the country and the world are willing to invest in UP.
Addressing a business conference organized in view of the municipal elections in Gorakhpur, CM Yogi said, "Contrarily, UP is now entirely free of this anarchy. Every person is guaranteed security without discrimination, and investors from the country and the world are willing to invest in the state." Talking about the secure environment in the state, Yogi said, "In the past, extortion and the Gunda tax were collected here. Goons, mafia, and people of the ruling party used to encroach upon the properties of the poor and the establishments of the traders."
"As a result of the establishment of a secure environment, everyone's perception of Uttar Pradesh has changed', he added.
Stating that security and peace are very important for trade, the Chief Minister said, "The confidence of the people of the country has increased under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the area of trade and industry, numerous reforms have been implemented. Today, the global market is completely open for India. All these have had a positive impact on per capita income and standard of living."
The Chief Minister continued by saying that businessmen are eager to support Bharatiya Janata Party on their own during the Lok Sabha and state assembly elections. However, it must also be remembered that the municipal body is the third house and that the importance of its election must not be undermined.
"The number of facilities will rise if a strong board is formed in the local bodies. The environment will be made beautiful. If the wrong candidates are chosen, the funds allotted by the central and state governments will be wasted. Triple-engine government is essential with the double-engine government," he added.
The Chief Minister stated that the municipal bodies did not previously have as many schemes. A world-class city is being created under the BJP government's smart and safe city initiatives.
"The Central Government selected 10 cities of Uttar Pradesh under the Smart City Mission, while seven others, including Gorakhpur, were selected by the State Government under the State Mission. Today, 17 cities are being developed as smart cities in UP," he said.
CM also noted that the city had single-lane roads in the past, then double-lane roads, and now a network of four-lane roads is being built. There is a multi-level parking facility. A strong board needs to be elected for the Municipal Corporation in order to expand these facilities.
CM Yogi also humorously cautioned the traders against being overconfident and warned them, saying, "Don't make the mistake of going to Nepal on May 4, the border will remain sealed."
The Chief Minister encouraged people to vote more and more by stating that elections are a celebration of democracy and that people should experience this celebration firsthand. In elections, each vote has a value. (ANI)

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