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In no way is the attack on PM, BJP an 'attack on India': Rahul Gandhi retorts amid row over UK remarks

Wayanad: Hitting back at the Bharatiya Janata Party over its persistent attack for remarks in the UK, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, or the RSS is in no way an attack on India.
This comes after the BJP including senior Union Ministers lashed out at Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on Indian democracy in the UK alleging that the Congress leader attacked India on foreign soil. Gandhi took on the charge alleging that it is the BJP which is attacking India by launching an assault on the institutions of the country.
"Now, there is confusion in the minds of the PM, BJP and RSS. They are under the impression that they are India. The PM is an Indian and not India. No way an attack on the PM, BJP or RSS is considered an attack on India. But by attacking independent institutions of India, they're attacking India. And I won't stop saying this," Gandhi said in a public meeting in his Lok Sabha constituency.
Gandhi lashed out at the Centre over the Delhi Police notice to him in regards to his speech in the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir, and said that he will "fight for the truth".
"I am not scared of BJP, RSS or Police. No matter how many cases are filed against me or how many times you send the police to my home and insult me, I will still fight for the truth. Those who always lie won't be able to understand honest people," he said.
"I understand that farmers are facing huge difficulties not just in Wayanad but in the whole country. The central and state governments are also trying to displace farmers in the name of environmental protection. I am always ready to help the farmers," Gandhi added.
Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi addressed a public meeting in Karnataka where he attempted to end the speculations of an internal divide in the party stating that all leaders of the party will contest the elections together and sweep the Assembly polls slated later this year.
"It is our message that we will fight the elections together. All leaders of Congress will fight together. The Congress party will sweep these elections because the BJP government is a government of 40 per cent commission government. The people of Karnataka want to get rid of this government. I have told the leaders of Karnataka that I am ready to go to any district (to campaign) where there is my need in the elections," Gandhi said while addressing a public meeting here.
Recalling the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Gandhi said that the youths gave him two messages - one, regarding the inability of the government to provide them jobs, and second, the corruption in the government.
"The youths of Karnataka gave two-three messages. First, they said that jobs cannot be given to the youths in this state, no matter which degree you have or which college you study in. The Karnataka government is not able to give jobs to the youths of the state. The second message was from everyone, that the Karnataka government is the most corrupt government in the country. The Contractors Association wrote to the Prime Minister about the 40 per cent commission being taken. But the Prime Minister has not responded to it till today," he said.
"The Bharat Jodo Yatra gave a message that this country belongs to everyone, not just two-three selected people, not just Adani," the Congress leader added. (ANI)

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