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In context of Mission ’24, the saffron party is eyeing Rajbhar voters

Lucknow: Amidst speculations of SBSP chief Om Prakash Rajbhar leaning towards BJP, the saffron camp's efforts to make inroads among Rajbhar voters are apparently intensifying.

The “Rajbhar-Biyar Pratinidhi Sammelan” organized under the leadership of the Yogi government's cabinet minister Anil Rajbhar in the state capital on Saturday may have been termed as a part of the organization's activities, but it is being considered as part of a deft move to corner Omprakash Rajbhar. Political experts believe that due to the disenchantment of a large chunk of Rajbhar voters in the recently concluded assembly elections, the BJP suffered heavy losses in many seats. Due to the imbalance in the caste equations, BJP's political ground weakened in Azamgarh, Mau, Ambedkar Nagar and Ghazipur districts, while the SP alliance got an electoral edge in these areas.

It is noteworthy that according to the report of the Social Justice Committee, Rajbhar community is around 3 percent of the total population of UP. But in more than a hundred seats from Purvanchal to Awadh belt, their population has a significant impact.

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