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In a first in country, Kerala transman gives birth, keeps gender of baby secret

Thiruvananthapuram: A transgender couple gave birth to a baby at a government hospital here on Wednesday.
However, the trans couple has not disclosed the gender identity of the newborn. Zahad, a trans man was carrying the child and gave birth on Wednesday.
"This is the happiest day of my life. I got several messages that hurt me. The birth of our child is our reply to them. I thank all those who supported us," Zahad's partner, Ziya told ANI.
"Both the baby and Zahad, her partner who delivered the child, are doing well, Ziya added.
"The baby was born around 9.30 am through a Cesarean Section at the Government Medical College Hospital because, at the time of delivery, Zahad's sugar level in the body was high," said Ziya Paval, one of the trans partners.
"Both the baby and Zahad, her partner who delivered the child, are doing well," Ziya added.
Health minister Veena George also congratulated transgender partners on the birth of the baby and expressed her wish to meet them in person whenever they are in Kozhikode.
The minister also spoke to the superintendent of IMCH (Institute of maternal and child health) in Kozhikode Medical College and directed them to be vigilant and to provide all necessary treatment to both of them free of cost.
Zahad is undergoing treatment after delivery at Kozhikode Medical College. (ANI)

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