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Illicit liquor, drugs worth Rs 6 crore seized by Mizoram police ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Aizawl: Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Mizoram police conducted a massive operation against illicit liquor and drugs across the state and seized drugs, and illicit liquor worth over Rs 6 crore. Mizoram police also arrested 94 persons in connection with this.
In a press statement, Neihchungnunga, CPRO of Mizoram police said that Mizoram police fights illicit liquor and drugs at all times.
"Seizure of local made liquor (LML), illicit liquor being smuggled to Mizoram from outside and drugs have been made since the announcement of Lok Sabha election on 16th March 2024 which shows high demand of liquor and drugs in the state.
As part of the state-wide drive launched by Mizoram Police to check the use of liquor and drugs, over 4773 litres of Local Made Liquor (LML) worth Rs. 23,28,000, 2577 litres of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) worth Rs. 41,23,200, 66 litres of BEDC worth Rs. 49,500, 636 cans of Beer worth Rs. 3,18,000 at the local market were seized and about 13,340 litres of fermented rice worth Rs. 46,69,000 were destroyed during the period from 16th March 2024 to 8th April 2024. 51 cases were registered at Police Stations and 61 accused persons were arrested," Neihchungnunga said.
The CPRO of Mizoram police further said, "5.513 kg of Heroin worth Rs. 1,65,39,000, 26.469 kg of Methamphetamine worth Rs. 3,44,09,700 and 23.085 kg of Ganja worth Rs. 1,15,425 were also seized during the same period. 25 cases were registered at Police Stations and 33 accused persons were arrested in these cases."
"We really appreciate the role played by Mizoram police in different districts in controlling alcohol and drugs through various means. These achievements are possible with their commitment and dedication to uphold laws, protect public safety and reduce the harm associated with drugs and alcohol abuse within communities," the Mizoram police CPRO said.

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