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"If you speak against them, they send ED, CBI after you": Mamata slams Centre at Kolkata sit-in

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday continued her attack at the BJP-led Central government, accusing them of robbing the state's GST money and depriving all non-BJP states of their due.
On Wednesday, Banerjee began a two-day dharna in Kolkata to protest against the central government's alleged discriminatory attitude towards her state. Stepping up her attack on the saffron party, she said, "You sold the LIC for Adani, Nandlal (BJP). If you say anything against the BJP, you are thrown out of the House. If you speak out against them, they send the ED and the CBI after you. They act as if they are the model of honesty. They are acting like feudal lords."
The ruling TMC Supremo added, "They are destroying our federal structure and are depriving all the non-BJP states of their share of funds. They are robbing us of our GST money. They are stopping funds for the 100-day (MGNREGA) work. They are calling us anti-nationals. Only they are nationalists and all else are anti-nationals. That's what they think. But we will fight them."

Also sending out a word of caution for those taking out Ram Navami processions across the state on Thursday, she added, "I request those taking out Ram Navami processions to do so peacefully. Kindly avoid Muslim areas as Ramzan is on. Celebrate peacefully and don't try to incite violence. I also urge one and all to not get provoked. Some BJP leaders are saying they will take out rallies with swords and knives. To them, I say it is a criminal offence and will be treated as such."
On Wednesday, the Bengal CM came down hard on the Centre, saying, "I am working for people. I am fighting for the people whose money has been stopped for 100 days' work. I am sitting on a dharna for the common people whose money has been blocked by the Centre. If required, Mamata can even sit on dharma near the PM's house. I have the courage to do so."
"You blocked the money by invoking a so-called Section 27. But remember, people will vote you out with section 420 in 2024. You will not come to power," she said.
She claimed that Opposition leaders were being hounded and harassed by the central agencies on the BJP's watch.
"A babu is saying that I will send CBI and ED to your house if you speak against me," the Bengal CM claimed further.
Banerjee added, "There were some good people in the BJP. I used to respect Atal-ji a lot. But not the leaders nowadays. You are taking our money in the name of GST. I ask all the Opposition parties if there's any leader who have not been harassed by the BJP as yet. From Akhilesh, Uddhav, Arvind, Lalu and KCR, all are thieves and only you (BJP leaders) are saints."
She also called on all Opposition parties to come together against the BJP. (ANI)

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