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“If you carry on this anti-Hindu agenda…”: Ravi Shankar Prasad warns INDIA over Udhayanidhi’s ‘Sanatan’ rant

New Delhi: Former Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad launched a no-holds-barred attack on DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin over his remarks equating 'Sanatana' (Sanatan Dharma) with "mosquitoes, Dengue, Malaria, fever and Corona", while also questioning the silence of the Opposition bloc — INDIA — in the matter.
Addressing a press conference at the BJP headquarters in the national capital on Monday, the senior BJP leader said, “Udhayanidhi Stalin made a shameless comment, comparing Sanatana with Dengue, Malaria and Corona. Why is Rahul Gandhi silent on this? He calls himself a Hindu who visits temples. Why have Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav not spoken a word about it? Tejashwi (Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav) had taken his father (RJD chief Lalu Yadav) to the Sidhhivinayak temple. Was it just for the cameras?"
Addressing a conference on Saturday, Udhayanidhi, the minister for Sports and Youth Affairs in the Tamil Nadu government, equated 'Sanatana' (Sanatan Dharma) with "mosquitoes, Dengue, Malaria, fever, and Corona", adding that it should be stamped out like these ailments.
Labelling the Opposition bloc — INDIA — as an "anti-Hindu alliance", the BJP leader said their basic thought process was also against the majority community.
"It is now clear for everyone to see that this alliance is opposing the Hindu religion and will continue to do so for votes. Their basic thinking is anti-Hindu," Prasad added.
Amid the sound and fury over his statement, Udhayanidhi on Sunday accused the BJP of ‘twisting’ his statement and spreading fake news.
Speaking to reporters, Udhayanidhi, the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, says he stood by his remarks on 'Sanatan Dharma' and he will keep putting forward his views.
To this, Prasaid retorted, "I would like to remind Rahul, Nitish and, especially DMK leaders MK Stalin and his son, that Sanatana is eternal. It is the foundation of our culture and ancient civilization. Have you ever tried to understand what Sanatana is? I would like to caution them — do what you want to advance your brand of politics but if you carry on this anti-Hindu agenda, you will have to face a lot of public anger."
“Our party chief in Tamil Nadu has given a detailed response to Udhayanidhi's remarks. But the silence of the Opposition leaders on this is very fortunate. This is precisely why we call them ‘Ghamandiya’ (arrogant)," he added.
Amid the firestorm of protest over his statement, Udhayanidhi said on Sunday, “I am saying again that I only criticised Sanatan Dharma and called for its abolition. I will keep raising this demand. Some people are making childish claims that I called for genocide. Some others are saying Dravidam should be abolished. Does that mean DMK-ians should also be killed? When PM Modi says 'Congress Mukth Bharat', does that mean Congressmen should be killed?”

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