Saturday, November, 26,2022

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‘...I wanted to study but they destroyed my life’

Alwar: As if the gangrape was not enough, the accused made the video of the incident public that went viral. The Class 8 student, gangrape victim, is not left with no choice but to curse her fate and sob in the corner of her house while praying for capital punishment to the perpetrators. “I wanted to be able to read and write but the devils spoiled my life. They should be given capital punishment,” the victim told the First India while crying out loud. The victim’s family in Kishangarhbas area of Alwar sews clothes for living and is too poor to face such ordeal. The accused took away the hard earned money from the family and when they were not able to pay Rs 2.5 lakh, as sought by the accused, they made the video of the incident viral.

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