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Hyderabad: Students at Hyderabad's Osmania University PG Girls Hostel stage protest over security breach

Hyderabad: Students of Osmania Univesity Post Graduate Girls Hostel staged a protest on Saturday at their premises over a security breach as some miscreants were found breaking into their hostel.
Students were seen raising slogans of "We want justice" as they sat in front of their hostel while police personnel were seen persuading them to leave the spot.
"We are just asking for VC to come. Why is he not coming?" shouted out one of the students while another said, "We are just trying to pressurize the VC to come."
Meanwhile, a police personnel was heard saying that the hostelites would be provided with all security facilities within time.
"I will ensure that whatever facilities, whatever thing need to be done are done within time. I will get it done within whatever time they say," she said.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), North Zone, Rohini Priyadarshini said that they were called to the hostel late at night on Friday and while they were taking away the miscreant who was already apprehended by the security personnel and the students, their vehicle was stopped by the protesters.
"There was an issue of scaling the compound wall and getting inside the girl's hostel by an unknown person at the OU sub-campus PG girls' hostel. We received a call at 1:40 hours and the accused were already apprehended by the students and the security people there. We caught him and put him in a patrol vehicle. When we were about to leave the students gathered and obstructed the vehicle and did not allow the vehicle to move," the DCP said speaking to ANI on Saturday.
The students briefed the DCP about their demands who in turn inspected the campus and found out some security lapses in the hostel which was conveyed to the Registrar.
"Based on that we asked what are their demands...I spoke to them, went to the campus, and noticed the security lapses. We have told the Registrar to do a few things like placing lighting system and security system at the back side and some other repair works which have to be done," Priyadarshini said.
"Other than that, there are some administrative issues which have to be addressed at the VC and Registrar level. We told them to give it in writing. I think the VC will address those issues. We have ensured that patrolling will be there outside the campus because there is a metro station in which there will be floating of people regularly," he added.
Speaking on the number of miscreants involved in the incident, the DCP said, "We are yet to investigate."
"We have to register a case. But no one has come forward with a petition," she added.
However one of the student protesters said that they were hearing some uncanny sounds since the time they came from their Sankranti Holidays.
"After we came back from the Sankranti Holidays. we are hearing different sounds in different rooms. But we thought it might be our mistake," she said speaking to ANI.
The student said that one of the hostelites saw hands coming out of the ventilator of their washroom on the first and the ground floor. She claimed that they had seen three people involved in the incident but only one of them has been nabbed.
"Yesterday, the incident happened on two of the floors, the ground floor as well as first floor at the same time. We have ventilators in our washrooms. The washrooms have little space. She (one of the students) locked herself in the washroom. But she saw hands coming out of the ventilator. She panicked and ran. The same incident took place on the ground floor. We approached our seniors. We were searching for them. We saw three of them, only one was caught by us. We are demanding the rest who were there to be nabbed," the student said.
Demanding the Vice-Chancellor (VC) to come to the spot and address their issues, she said, "We have been sitting here since 12:30..We want the VC to come and address our problem and we want a solution for all our issues. Security is important. We want proper security where we are staying."

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