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"Hope to see legal stamp on rainbow marriages of our children": Parents of LGBTQIA+ children

New Delhi: In a letter to the Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, the parents of Indian LGBTQIA+ children appealed to consider the plea for Marriage Equality and added that "we hope to see the legal stamp on rainbow marriages of our children in our lifetime."
The letter written by the parents of Indian LGBTQIA+ children from a group named Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents, stated, "We desire to see our children and our children-in-law find legal acceptance for their relationship under the Special Marriages Act in our country. We are certain that a nation as big as ours, which respects its diversity and stands for the value of inclusion, will open its legal gates of Marriage Equality to our children too. We are growing old. Some of us will touch 80 soon. We hope that we get to see the legal stamp on the rainbow marriages of our children in our lifetime." Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents is a support group for parents of LGBTQIA+ by parents of LGBTQIA+ to help navigate their journey towards acceptance. There are more than 400+ parents from the length and breadth of the nation.
The letter further stated, "We are appealing to you to consider the plea for Marriage Equality."
"From knowing about gender and sexuality to understanding the lives of our children, to finally accepting their sexuality and their loved one - we have gone through the whole gamut of emotions. We empathise with those who are opposing Marriage Equality because some of us were there too. It took us education, debate and patience with our LGBTQIA+ children to realise that their lives, feelings and desires are valid," the parents said.
"Similarly, we hope that those who oppose Marriage Equality will come around too. We have faith in the people of India, the constitution and the democracy of our nation," said the parents of Indian LGBTQIA+ children.
On September 6, 2018, the Supreme Court of India read down section 377 to decriminalise consensual sexual relationships. In doing so, with its statements, it ascertained that their children should be treated with dignity and acceptance, The Rainbow Parents said.
The letter further said that Gender and Sexuality made to election manifestos and corporate India has also begun opening up gradually to the idea of queer lives.
"Society is a changing and evolving phenomenon. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the judgement by the honourable Supreme Court created a ripple effect on society and has helped move the needle from hate to tolerance to acceptance," the rainbow parents said. (ANI)

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