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Himachal: Tibetan women protest against China in Dharamshala on Tibetan Women Uprising day

Dharamshala: The Tibetan women in-exile here on Sunday staged a protest march against China to commemorate the 64th anniversary of Tibetan National Women uprising day.

"Hundreds of Tibetan women in-exile gathered in Dharamshala and shouted slogans for the freedom of Tibet. Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) organized the protest march," said one of the activists. According to the protestors, it's an event to remember the day, (March 12, 1959) when Tibetan women from all the three provinces of Tibet, for the first time in the history of Tibet, stood together and protested the "brutal Chinese occupying forces." The events like this are to show the younger generation what the struggle means and how important role women play in their freedom struggle which has reached a critical juncture.

"I am here for a very important event, which is the uprising day of the Tibetan women which took place in 1959 on 12th of March in Tibet in Lhasa. The women in-exile never forgot that day because that day was the day when so many women lost their lives in prisons and everywhere."

"So we kept this alive for the world to know how the women feel about our own country, how we feel about occupation in Tibet and we kept it alive so that the world will listen to us and rescue us from this and get us back to a free Tibet," Rinchen Khando, founder president of TWA told ANI.

Lobsang Dechen, a senior Tibetan nun said," We want to remind China that we are still alive and are struggling for our nation and we are here to commemorate the people who have sacrificed their lives and we are really struggling to get freedom. China listens or not, we will continue our struggle. We want to take our responsibility. We want to fight..."
Lhamo Chunzum, joint Secretary of Tibetan Women's Association told ANI that this is a peace walk from Mcleodganj till Kachahari.

"On March 12th in 1959 Tibetan women from all walks of life stood united for the first time and challenge the brutal occupation of Tibet. Till now the people of Tibet have been suffering and we are the voice for voiceless. This is a genuine protest against the Chinese government to stop torturing the Tibetan people," Lhamo Chunzum said. (ANI)

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