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Himachal: 3 independent MLAs hold protest, demand that Speaker accept their resignations

Shimla: Three Independent MLAs sat on a day-long protest outside the assembly premises in Shimla on Saturday, demanding that the Speaker accept their resignations.
MLAs Hoshiyar Singh from Dehra, Ashish Sharma from Hamirpur and KL Thakur from Nalagarah submitted their resignations to the Speaker on March 22.
All three MLAs were seen holding placards outside the library of the assembly. The placards read, "We have given our resignation from the membership of the Assembly voluntarily, without any pressure, in person to the Speaker of the Assembly. Please accept our resignation as soon as possible."
Hamirpur MLA Sharma said that they are now planning to move court.
"Today all three of us are sitting in protest. Unfortunately, democracy is being crushed here. The entire Himachal and country are watching it. We submitted our resignation on March 22 and it has not been accepted so far. We had given our resignation to the Speaker by email as well and we want them to accept it as soon as possible. We shall approach the court; if our resignations are not accepted, we shall move the court. Constitutionally, they have to accept the resignation immediately. The speaker is playing the role of the Congress party; he wants to delay the elections; that is the only reason we are protesting," Sharma said.
Nalagarh MLA Thakur said that they'll either go to the High Court or the Supreme Court.
"It is very unusual and unfortunate that we have to protest to accept our resignation in a democratic setting. They were alleging that we are under pressure, and we want to show them through this that we don't have any pressure. We want the speaker to immediately accept our case. The speaker is not here; if he does not accept it, we shall approach the court. We shall consult it with the senior advocates and will decide whether to approach the Supreme Court or the High Court," Thakur said.
Dehra MLA Singh said that they have decided to contest elections on the ticket of the BJP.
"This is the first time we are protesting to accept our resignation. I don't know why they are delaying; I don't know what the fear is. We have given our resignation willingly and we have done it after humiliation. This is the death of democracy; they are not accepting our resignation," Singh said.
"They have been alleging horse trading, all of us are well to do; they have humiliated the MLAs; and the work of legislators has been stopped in all sectors. They don't have any right to accept our resignation, we have decided to contest elections on the ticket of the BJP. If the party doesn't give us a ticket, we shall serve the people as workers," he added.

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