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Highest engineer and postgraduate in UP jail, Maharashtra second

According to the Crime Report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Uttar Pradesh is followed by Maharashtra where the most educated prisoners are closed, while Karnataka's number is listed in this list. Is third in the world.

It is said that the educated man thinks many times before committing the crime, but the crime report of the National Crime Records Bureau is presenting some other figures. According to the NCRB report, the most educated prisoners are closed in Uttar Pradesh jails.

Most of the engineers or postgraduate prisoners are there. According to the report, after Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra comes where the most educated prisoners are closed. While Karnataka's number is third in this list.

According to the report, Uttar Pradesh is the state of India where the maximum number of engineers, postgraduates and diploma holders are imprisoned. According to the report, about 3 thousand 740 prisoners holding technical degrees in India's jails are closed.

Most of these are in UP jails. There are 727 prisoners in Uttar Pradesh jail who have technical degrees. After this, 495 prisoners in Maharashtra and 362 prisoners of Karnataka have technical degree. 5282 prisoners held in Indian jails have postgraduate degrees.

Uttar Pradesh Director General of Prisons (DG) Anand Kumar said that most prisoners holding technical degrees face charges like dowry murder and rape. Along with this, there are some people who are in jail due to some economic crime.

According to the report, 3 lakh 30 thousand 487 prisoners are being sentenced due to different crimes in India's jails. Anand Kumar said that the skills of educated prisoners are being used to train other inmates inside the jail.

Uttar Pradesh Director General of Prisons (DG) Anand Kumar said that only prisoners with technical degrees in jail have developed e-prison complex in many jails. Along with this, these prisoners have helped in computerization of prison inventory system. Along with this, some prisoners have also started jail radio inside the jail premises.

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