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‘Hariyalo-Rajasthan’ Mission to make Rajasthan lush green

Jaipur: In the budget, giving priority to green growth to ensure long-term development, the focus was on the responsibility of our current generation to act as a trustee of the rich natural wealth. In the 7 priorities set for Amritkaal in the Central Government budget for the year 2023-24, the government appeared serious about incorporating the principle of green growth, one of the ‘Saptarishi’ guiding the country in Amrit Kaal, and environmental protection.


  • Announcement of starting Mission' Hariyalo-Rajasthan'. Under this mission, about Rs 4 thousand crore will be spent in 5 years and 50 new nurseries will be established in the state to prepare about 10 crore saplings required every year. Along with enhancing the more than 540 nurseries currently established, arrangements for grants will also be made for nurseries under the private sector / Panchayat.
  • Establishment of one 'Matri Van' in each district with the participation of common people
  • 2 thousand local people will be appointed as 'Van Mitra' on the basis of incentive
  • Provision of Rs 1650 crore on environmental protection, grassland development and tree plantation under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA
  • Establishment of Forest and Wildlife Training cum Management Institute at a cost of Rs 40 crore in Jhalana-Jaipur
  • Anti-poaching infrastructure will be strengthened along with the work of Tiger Habitat improvement by spending Rs 20 crore in 5 tiger project areas
  • Biological Park will be established in Alwar at a cost of Rs 25 crore
  • It is proposed to conduct a feasibility study by signing an MoU with Madhya Pradesh to create a corridor and safari for the movement of leopards by connecting it to Kuno National Park with Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary and Bhainsrodgarh SanctuaryChittorgarh and Chambal Sanctuary.
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