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Gyanvapi Mosque survey report submitted in Varanasi court

Varanasi: The Court-appointed special assistant commissioner on Thursday submitted a report on the Gyanvapi Mosque survey to a Varanasi court.

"The report has been submitted before the court. People from both sides were present before the court. It is a 10-15 page long report," said Assistant Court Commissioner Ajay Pratap Singh on Gyanvapi Mosque survey report.

"We have filed a video chip too in a sealed cover," added Advocate Vishal Singh.

"At 4.30 pm yesterday, Ajay Mishra (ex-court appointed commissioner) submitted his report. Today at 10.30 am, Vishal Singh and Ajay Pratap Singh filed their report with details of the three-day survey," said Advocate Nityanand Rai.

"The Assistant Commissioners have also filed a chip that contains photos, videos. A copy will be made available to the other side. Once they get the copy, the court will invite their objections. After listening to them, the court will give a final decision if the report will be taken as evidence", added Advocate Rai.

Several sculptures of gods and goddesses along with other structures related to Hindu belief were seen in the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi, said advocate Ajay Kumar Mishra, who was appointed commissioner by the Varanasi court to survey the Gyanvapi-Gauri Shringar complex but was later removed for allegedly leaking the information.

The local court had removed Advocate Commissioner Ajay Mishra on Tuesday, stating that he had been "highly irresponsible" in executing the work.

The report by Mishra mentioned that the three-four sculptures with Sindoor marks and 'Choukhat' like stone slab are believed to be 'Sringar Gouri'.

The three-day-long court-monitored videography survey of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple-Gyanvapi Mosque complex in Varanasi concluded on Monday.

Speaking on the Gyanvapi mosque survey, Advocate Vishnu Jain, representing the Hindu side in the Gyanvapi mosque matter in Supreme Court said, "We've not filed an affidavit yet. SC has kept the matter for hearing today.

Additional developments have taken place in the meantime that have to be brought to the records of the court. So, we will seek some time from the court."

"We've requested our legal time there (Varanasi) to take some adjournment today as the matter is pending before SC and we need to place every document on the records. So, simultaneously two proceedings can't go on," said Advocate Vishnu Jain.

"As far as the application for demolition of the wall beneath the wazukhana is concerned, we will take some time. The Muslim side is also seeking time to file their objections to our application", said Advocate Jain.

Hearing the Gyanvapi mosque case on Tuesday, the Supreme Court ordered the Varanasi district magistrate to ensure the area where a Shivling was purportedly found is protected without obstructing the Muslim community's right to worship.

The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the civil court in Varanasi civil court to not proceed with the case related to the Gyanvapi Mosque case till it takes up the case on May 20. (ANI)

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