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'Guest for two months': Kamal Nath criticizes MP CM Chouhan, highlights Congress' achievements

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath on Sunday launched an attack on chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and said that the ruling BJP government in the state is a “guest for two months.”

Kamal Nath went on to criticize the state government, saying, "There is no limit to corruption in Madhya Pradesh. A system has become a system of corruption. Every person in Madhya Pradesh is either a witness to corruption or a victim of corruption. Give money, get work. This has become their slogan." 

Kamal Nath was addressing 'Mahasammelan of Rajak Samaj' organized in the state capital, Bhopal on Sunday. 
During his address, Kamal Nath accused CM Chouhan of making numerous announcements and forgetting them later.
"Shivraj Singh's announcement machine is running at double speed. His mouth does not shut, doesn’t feel ashamed to tell a lie. This is the condition of Shivraj Singh," he said. 

Highlighting the achievements of the Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government, he said, "Farmers have to wander for fertilizers and seeds. We had a Congress government, and out of those 15 months, two and a half months were spent on the code of conduct and Lok Sabha elections. But in those 15 months, we demonstrated our policy and intentions. Loans of 27 lakh farmers were waived off in the first instalment, and the second installment was ongoing."

"We did not see whether the beneficiary belonged to BJP or Congress. We gave 100 units of electricity for Rs 100. We increased pensions and built 1000 cow shelters," he said. 

Kamal Nath also supported the demand of the people of the Rajak community to be included in the Scheduled Caste.
"People of the Rajak community are the protectors of society. They are the protectors of the future and culture. You are the protector of our Constitution. It is your responsibility. It is the responsibility of the state," he added.

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