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"Govt in centre should be strong, stable and decisive," Dy Chairman Rajya Sabha Harivansh Singh

New Delhi: Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh Narayan Singh on Saturday said that he prayed before Lord Ram in Ayodhya and sought his blessings so that the country gets a strong, stable and decisive government post-election.
Speaking with ANI in an exclusive interview, Harivansh said, "My first prayer before Lord Ram was that India should get a strong, stable and decisive government. The reason for this was the reports in international media which said foreign powers are working to weaken our country. I read yesterday how one of our neighbouring countries which considers itself as a strong power wants to make a submarine base in the Bay of Bengal.
Dy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh without naming the neighbouring country China said, " You can see what is happening in Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan's Gwadar. There have been attempts since 1977 to encircle India. At the time, India was ahead of this nation in many sectors. Our politics never used its energy and vision to make India a superpower in the world. There is another neighbouring country which harbours anti-national elements...First, it should be the nation, then elections..."
He added, "Our wish to Lord Ram was that India is making rapid economic development in the world, India is reaching the moon today... India is knocking on Mars today... India is today taking steps towards becoming self-reliant in the defence..."
Praising India's economic growth, Harivansh said, "Today, all the credit rating agencies at the international level believe that India is the fastest-growing economic country. In such a situation, foreign forces are engaged on a large scale to weaken India's growing power, so I thought that I should pray to Lord Shri Ram for a decisive government in the centre post-election..."
Harivansh also hit out at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar for his comment that "India should give respect to Pakistan as it has atom bombs." He said, "You will be surprised that someone close to the former Prime Minister says that we are afraid of Pakistan because it has a nuclear bomb..."

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