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Government elected by 2 cr people should be allowed to function: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: As the budget session of the Delhi legislative assembly commenced on Friday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Aam Aadmi Party-led government has performed despite several "roadblocks".
Talking to media after the conclusion of the first day of the budget session of Delhi Assembly, Kejriwal said, "Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena addressed the Assembly today. He said that ever since the AAP government has come, Delhi is progressing rapidly. In every direction, education, health, tourism, electricity, water, roads, infrastructure, there has been a robust development". The Delhi CM said that the AAP government has performed despite the "roadblocks".
"The LG even said that there were many obstructions, but the government performed despite all that. We all have seen the different types of interference that a publicly elected government has been facing, but the AAP government has been working by countering all those roadblocks. Not just the people of Delhi, but also of the country believe that" he said.
Kejriwal further added, "I believe that democracy should be respected, and if two crore people have elected a government, it should be allowed to function. Creating roadblocks in its working is not right".
On being asked about the disturbance in the Assembly during the LG's speech, the Delhi CM said, "Creating a disturbance during the LG's speech is against the rules and a contempt to the house. We have passed a resolution against this and will send this to the concerned committee".
BJP and AAP legislators raised slogans against each other during the LG's address.
LG Saxena, however, said that despite all differences the relationship between the LG and the Delhi government will stay "intact".
"Undoubtedly, some lines have been crossed in the past few days. I would give the answer through a poem. "Roz girati hai patte mere, phir bhi hawaon se tut ten nahi hain rishte mere" (Leaves of the tree shed daily, but that doesn't end relation between the tree and the wind). Similarly, our relation will also remain intact," Saxena said. (ANI)

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