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Government cannot stop demand to stop Vizhinjam port project: Kerala Minister MB Rajesh

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Minister for Local Self Government MB Rajesh said that the Vizhinjam port project by the Adani Group is about to be completed, and the government cannot accept demands to stop it.
"The Kerala government has accepted six out of seven demands of protestors. The port project is about to be complete, so we can't accept the demand to stop it," the minister said while commenting on the Vizhinjam Port protest. He further said, "Those who are leading this protest want to destabilize the government."
"They (the opposition) are making baseless allegations and don't have anything authentic. These allegations are politically motivated, and their claims keep changing," he said.
The fishermen have been protesting to oppose the Adani port project, alleging that it was not a natural port and that if one goes inside, they can witness huge sand dunes dredged from the sea piled up.
On Sunday, the fishermen's protest turned violent and the Vizhinjam Police arrested five protesters for allegedly blocking trucks in Thiruvananthapuram which led to a scuffle. However, four of the five protesters were released later.
The Vizhinjam police informed on Sunday that they had registered cases against the Arch Bishop and the auxiliary bishop of Thiruvananthapuram, as well as several priests for allegedly blocking trucks, leading to a scuffle.
These trucks were carrying some material for the construction of Vizhinjam port by the Adani Group.
The alleged scuffle took place when a group of people protesting against Vizhinjam port's construction blocked these vehicles and another group in support of the port project opposed them.
The police had booked Arch Bishop Thomas J Netto, Auxiliary Bishop Christuraj, and the priests on several charges including conspiracy, incitement to violence, and attempt to murder, on Sunday.
A case was also registered against protesters supporting the port project, the police informed.
In September, the Kerala region of the Latin Catholic Council (KRLCC) launched a 'Janabodhana Yatra' from Moolambilly in Ernakulam district to Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram as a part of a solidarity protest against the fishermen, who are holding protests at Vizhinjam against the Adani port project.
The churches of Kochi also extended their support to the fishermen, with priests and clergymen forming a human chain with the support of locals spread over 17.5 km. (ANI)

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