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‘Government admits failure to fulfill 27% of Budget promises’

Jaipur: After the budget session, Leader of Opposition Tikaram Jully held a press conference and criticised the government for admitting that it failed to fulfill 27 percent of the budget announcements made in February. Jully highlighted that despite promises, reductions in VAT on petrol and diesel were not implemented. He questioned the feasibility of the newly announced one lakh recruitments in four years and expressed concerns over the increasing fiscal deficit, which has reached 70 thousand crores under the current government.

Jully contrasted his party’s tenure, noting no new taxes and criticized scheme closures like Chiranjeevi. He faulted the budget for neglecting farmers and accused BJP of evading Panchayat Raj elections.

The Leader of Opposition also criticised the handling of the Bhadra incident and absence of election officers during critical times.

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