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"Goal is to make India developed country in next 25 years," PM Modi at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Gandhinagar (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the much-anticipated Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on Wednesday and asserted that the goal is to make India a developed country by the time it celebrates 100 years of independence.

Addressing the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 in Gandhinagar, PM Modi asserted that the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 is the first summit in this Amrit Kaal.

"This is the first Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in this Amrit Kaal. Therefore, this is even more significant. Representatives from more than 100 countries who are participating in this Summit, are crucial partners in this development journey for India," PM Modi said.

He further said that India is working towards its goal for the next 25 years.

"In the recent past, India completed 75 years of independence. Now, India is working on its goal for the next 25 years. We have the goal of making it a developed country by the time it celebrates 100 years of independence. Therefore, these 25 years' duration is India's Amrit Kaal," PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that the focus on structural reform was the reason behind India showing high rates of growth.

"We are all aware of the global circumstances. So, in times like these, if the Indian economy is displaying such resistance, if the growth in India is showing such momentum, a big reason behind this is our focus on structural reforms in the last 10 years. These reforms have enhanced the capacity, capability and competitiveness of India's economy" PM Modi said.

"Today, India is the fifth largest economy in the world. 10 years ago, India was on the 11th position. Today, all major agencies estimate that India will be in the top three economies of the world in the coming years. Let people across the world do their analysis, but it is my guarantee that it will happen" PM Modi added.

Ambassadors, High Commissioners, or their designated representatives, along with esteemed foreign dignitaries, will add to the diplomatic and influential presence.

The inaugural ceremony marks the beginning of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, a platform for fostering economic growth, investment, and international collaboration.

Leaders from across the globe will be participating in the ceremony, contributing to the international flavour of the event.

The summit provides a unique opportunity for networking, dialogue, and the exploration of potential collaborations between Gujarat and various nations.

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit has gained recognition as a key forum for discussions on economic development, business opportunities, and investment prospects.

The event serves as a catalyst for attracting investments and fostering partnerships that contribute to the growth of Gujarat's economy.

The summit is poised to facilitate fruitful discussions on a wide range of sectors, including infrastructure, technology, innovation, and sustainable development.

As the global leaders converge in Gandhinagar for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, the stage is set for constructive dialogues, strategic collaborations, and the exploration of opportunities that will shape the future of Gujarat's economic prosperity. (ANI)

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