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"Give us fair price or permission to commit suicide": Maharashtra Nashik farmers on low price for onions

Nashik: Farmers in Maharashtra's Nashik district have asked the Modi government to grant them permission to commit suicide as they have been facing difficulties due to the low prices of onions in the state.
Farmers complained of facing difficulties due to low prices of onions and alleged that it has become difficult for them to even recover the amount of money that's being used to grow onions after selling their produce. While talking to ANI, a male farmer said on Friday said, "The onions are being sold at Rs 300-400 per Kg in the Mandi. I have already spent Rs 3.5 lakhs. I would not be able to make even Rs 1 lakh now. I do not know how to deal with the issue. Modi's government should look after the farmer issues. Modi is least bothered about us.
"We deserve to get fair prices for our crops. Or else the government should give us permission to commit suicide. We can't even think of buying a Rs 10 chocolate for our children," the farmer added.
A female farmer also expressed disappointment over the low prices of onions.
While talking to ANI, she said, "We have onions in a one-acre area. I have grown onions after a gold mortgage. My total expense was Rs 50,000 and when I went to the market, I could not even get Rs 20,000-25,000. The central government should do something about it."
"Centre must increase prices, we can't pay the school fees of our children. We work hard to grow onions, but unfortunately, we are not getting the right price. We want permission to just end our lives," the woman rued.
Another male farmer said, "We started the preparation three to four months ago, now when we go to the market, we are only getting Rs 300-400. The farmers have spent almost Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 on the land. We are only getting Rs 10,00-11,000 on one tractor. There is no profit, we are only suffering loss."
"We want the government to take immediate actions or we will resort to a big movement against the government," added the farmer. (ANI)

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