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Genelia Deshmukh Shares About Appreciating Children, Healthy Food, and Books as a Gift for Life

Mumbai (Maharashtra): The effervescent actor, producer, entrepreneur, and super mom, Genelia Deshmukh is again trending for all the most amazing reasons. Hours ago she shared stories on her Instagram account and it is the most heartwarming and affectionate thing that can make any person smile just as she did through her movies.

In two of the stories she put on, she emphasised the importance of valuing kids the right way like appreciating them with little assurances from time to time. She writes, “Everyone needs a little assurance that they are amazing, even your children do.”

We can also identify her having a great weekend with homemade pancakes for her son whom she referred to as “Rockstar Riaan.” She illustrates in her story how the pancakes do not include any maida or dairy products showcasing that people can still have delicious, yummy, and yet healthy food. She even mentioned “lotsa Aai-Baba love” and it only points towards one thing, the importance and blessing of parents which is something everyone should cherish thoroughly to make a home.

In her third story, Genelia shared a book that she received as a gift from her aunt back in 1993. She mentioned in it, “Nothing more important than gifting knowledge.” and thanked her mother sweetly for having kept them safe all these years only to gift them to her son who seems equally ecstatic as she is.

Can all of these be any more true? Perhaps, not. After all, what can be more satisfying than a happy family living in a happy home eating healthy delicious foods and reading lots of books!

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